Womenomics Pioneer Kathy Matsui Discusses Her New Book “How to Nurture Female Employees”

  • 09 Sep 2020
  • 8:00 PM
  • Online

This event is organized by the Japan Society of Northern California.

The Japan Society of Northern California is pleased to welcome our longtime friend, Kathy Matsui, vice chair of Goldman Sachs Japan, to speak on her new book “How to Nurture Female Employees.” Over 20 years ago, Ms. Matsui coined the phrase Womenomics when she began her research on how empowering women could bolster Japan’s rapidly aging society. Prime Minister Abe’s Third Arrow for economic revitalization included women’s empowerment initiatives including setting targets for women in supervisory positions in all fields. These targets have not yet been met.

Believing that government actions can only take matters so far, Kathy provides the additional measures that can and need to be taken at the corporate and organizational levels for the next wave of change. Her new book highlights that to be effective, diversity policies need to be set at the top, so that there is an entire culture of supporting women within a company. Kathy Matsui provides concrete advice in the book such as “Ask twice.” Women may need to be asked twice before accepting a promotion. She advises that managers need to encourage women to learn to promote themselves. Mentors and sponsors can be instrumental in promoting confidence in a society where women have not received equal treatment and may lack confidence. The reality is the talent of women needs to be mobilized, not for social merits, but for long-term sustainable future competitiveness.

The timing of this book comes at a time where merits of diversity, backed by new research, are promoted each day. Proper policies today can start to have an immediate impact today, and will ripple into prosperity in the future. The time to learn and act is now. There will be plenty of time for Q&A. We look forward to seeing you!

This event is part of our Women’s Impact Network programming. As always, we welcome both women and men to join this event!

ウーマノミクスの提唱者、キャシー松井氏の「ゴールドマン・サックス流 女性社員の育て方、教えます」が最近発売されました。「優秀な女性を育て、会社に愛着を持ってもらい、かつパフォーマンスを上げてもらうために何をすればいいのか」と人知れず悩む管理職や人事担当者の方も多くいらっしゃるかと思います。女性の支援をめぐりゴールドマン・サックスが行ってきた取り組みや、女性社員の活用に関するちょっとしたコツや育成の秘策について語っていただきます。(英語プログラム)

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